Diamond Buyers & Gold Buyers Boston MA

Gold Buyers in Boston Massachusetts

Gold Buyers in Boston Massachusetts

Cash paid on the spot for gold jewelry, coins and scrap gold

Gold brokers in Boston Massachusetts.We are gold buyers in Boston Massachusetts, offering top dollar for gold! Sell your gold here and you will be paid fast. We invite you to meet with a gold buyer, and receive a free price to buy your gold. Our gold experts will test each item to determine its worth. The gold expert will determine the purity (24k, etc.) of each item. The gold buying appraiser can then put forth our best prices for gold. If you decide to sell your gold to us, we will cut you a check in our store while you are here.

We buy 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k yellow and white gold, in any condition, at fair market prices for buying gold. We will probably refine your gold so the condition of any item does not usually affect value. Obviously some rare antique or estate jewelry may have special value beyond just the price of gold. Either way, you can walk out with money in your pocket if you want to sell your gold in Massachusetts.

The Value of Your Gold Items

The worldwide price of gold changes very frequently. The purity of the gold item you want to sell further determines what its relative. Market prices ultimately determine what we can offer you. All “gold items” of equal weight are not worth the same amount. Pure gold is rated as being 24k. Gold items under 24k have lower values because the gold is not as pure. The gold in these items is mixed with metals such as silver. Our gold buyers know how to determine purity of gold thus they can make you a fair offer to sell your gold.

Why gold buyers cannot offer world market prices

It is important for you to know that any gold buyer must offer you less than the current worldwide market price. The reason our buyers cannot pay full market value is very easy to understand. We have business costs to inventory, process (refine) and ship raw gold. Also, we get paid only commodity wholesale prices from our buyers. Our gold buyers also have cost to cover in reselling metals to jewelry manufacturers. Among all of the Boston Massachusetts area gold buyers we have a great reputation for paying among the highest prices.

If you have a price offer from another gold buyer we encourage you to compare their offer to ours. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer!

Selling Your Gold – Our Buying Process

We are a reputable gold buying business, not a cheap jewelry store or a pawn shop. Our expertise enables you to strike a decent and honest deal. Selling your gold takes about 15 minutes. Simply bring in your gold items, provide a means of personal identification for our records, and let us make you an offer. Our gold buying process makes it easy to get money fast!

Our Gold Buying Process

  • Test to determine karat(s)
  • Sort by karats, weigh each group
  • Apply fair market price to weight of gold
  • Give you our price to buy your gold
  • Get a check within minutes if you decide to sell

We buy gold jewelry and more!

We buy essentially anything that is gold. This includes gold coins, bracelets, pendants, earrings, chains, necklaces, gold watches, rings, pins, dental gold, wedding bands, unrefined gold and scrap gold.

Visit our store for courteous service, top prices for your gold and on the spot payment. We also buy silver items, buy used diamonds, fine luxury watches, and silver or gold coins.Our business is open six days a week. We welcome walk-in sellers of gold or silver. For large bundles or package deals we suggest requesting an appointment with one of our expert buyers of gold, silver or diamonds.

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