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Precious Metal Buying Events

Precious Metal Buying Events

Learn how to make money trading gold, silver and more

About our precious metal buying events

Precious Metal Buying Events enable you to make money fast and easy!Precious Metal Events are the way an organization or individual can make money fast. These events are a high end, more sophisticated and profitable version of the standard "gold party".

For many organizations our Precious Metal Events provide a method of fund raising without asking your membership for direct donations.
For individuals these events can become a regular source of additional income.

How You Make Money

An organization or individual invites members or friends to sell their precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum. Often this is in the form of jewelry, watches, coins or similar valuables.  The Gold Rush buys the items for the highest prices possible. You make money because the sponsor gets paid a percentage cut of the total amount of the items purchased by The Gold Rush.

How It Works

Our precious metal events can help an organization fulfill it’s fund-raising goals with minimal effort. All you need to do is:

  • Call us to schedule an event
  • Set a date and location for the event
  • Invite your membership, associates, friends
  • Coordinate with The Gold Rush contact person
  • Show up and host the event

The bottom line on why this is a good idea

This can be done in day! Not requiring weeks or months like other fundraising methods. Call us to learn more or get ideas on how to make this happen.

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