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We are experts on investment grade & collector coins

Coins are interesting to many people and can bring you good money. The certified buyers at The Gold Rush have a passion for rare and investment grade coins. They also possess the education and experience to evaluate your coin collection and give you the highest reasonable price for your coins. If you are interested in selling coins you should visit our store to get a free offer to purchase your coins.

Why you should rely on us

Coins such as silver dollars are very popular.We are experts on investment coins and numismatics. Many “coin buyers” guess or do quick Google searches to make offers to buy coins. Our experienced and skilled buyers have extensive knowledge of rare coins and certainly know the fair value of coins.

An example of how customers benefit from our expertise is demonstrated by a situation in 2013. One of our buyers identified a rare 1909 S-BVD Red Penny in a clients collection. The client had no idea of its worth until we spoke. That coin ended up selling for $2000.00 and, needless to say, our customer was very happy.

Here’s what makes a coin valuable

The Gold Rush in Natick Massachusetts buys silver coins and coin collections including Liberty silver dollars.The value of any coin can be rather subjective when emotion is involved. A collector wanting a particular coin may pay more than market value. For people who are more grounded in assessing the value of coins there are key criteria to consider.

The value of coins, especially gold coins, is typically determined based on rarity, design quality, grade or condition, and popularity. Popularity varies widely in coin designs and face value. Liberty and Morgan silver dollars are always very popular. Lesser known coins such as “V” nickles or easy to find Buffalo nickles are popular and affordable.

Types of coins we most often appraise and purchase

Customer coin collections brought to us include both American and foreign pieces. Our coin experts have evaluated numerous designs of:

  • Rare Key Dated Coins
  • Half Pennies
  • Pennies
  • Dimes
  • Nickles
  • Quarters
  • Half Dollars
  • Silver Dollars
  • Gold Eagles
  • Morgan Dollars
  • Peace Dollars
  • Gold Foreign Coins
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Swiss Francs
  • Canadian Maple Leaves

We buy single coins & collections

If you have a large collection it is suggested that you call for an appointment. The buyers at The Gold Rush will spend the time needed to completely review and evaluate your collection and give you the highest possible cash offer for them. All transactions are handled with the utmost concern for our clients privacy. We buy individual coins and complete collections.

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We are Boston diamond buyers, gold buyers, silver buyers, jewelry and fine watch buyers.

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Sunday: By Appointment Only

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